What is ATA iSpec ? • What are its Objectives? • Structured Data Model. • Inside Look: Table Model. • Lifecycle of the Spec. • History of the Deliverables. ATA iSpec is a global standard used in the civil aviation industry for the creation, and electronic exchange of aircraft engineering, maintenance, and flight . Common Support Data Dictionary (CSDD) · iSpec Extract: ATA Standard Numbering System · iSpec Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance .

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You can further enhance your productivity by adding the optional Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition to create and update SD and iSpec technical illustrations directly from 3D CAD data, easily and quickly, at a fraction of the cost of currently available solutions. Originate a technical communication solution by quickly accessing and repurposing existing key data from a variety of sources and locations.

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ATA Spec /iSpec – Wikipedia

The specification is controlled by the Air Transport Association and has been the standard to which the majority of Civilian Aircraft publications comply. Recognizing the synergies between ATA Spec and Specthe industry developed this consolidated specification for guidance in preparing technical documentation in support of aircraft maintenance.

This page was last edited on 29 Mayat Access and Repurpose Technical Design Assets. It comprises a suite of data specifications covering different specialised areas of the documentation requirements.

ATA iSpec Overview

ATA iSpec is a global aviation industry standard for the content, structure, and ispe exchange of aircraft engineering and maintenance information. By browsing our site with cookies enabled you agree to their use. ATA Spec was originally published in ats It provides dedicated illustration tools, leading file compatibility and publishing capabilities for visual technical communications for printed and interactive electronic technical publications IETPs and illustrated parts catalogs IPCs.


Explore the integrated solution of robust products: It established an industry-wide numbering scheme to organize aviation technical documentation as well as content and formatting guidelines for its conventional printed distribution.

ATA iSpec is a global standard used in the civil aviation industry for the creation, and electronic exchange of aircraft engineering, maintenance, and flight operations information. Retrieved from ” https: It includes the industry-wide standard for numbering aircraft systems, as well as content and electronic formatting specifications for technical documents, regardless of delivery medium.

ATA iSpec 2200 Overview

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Corel has refined this conversion tool, making it possible to import special file attributes and metadata thanks to its extended compatibility. These standards provide recommended specifications for the content, structure and deliverables to meet kspec requirements [physical, electronic and future technology] of aircraft product technical information.

It provides specific guidance how the material should be written and, more importantly, how the information should be modified. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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ispc Author technical illustrations with an array of expert and precise illustration tools to publish industry-standards compliant output. Minimize cost and effort expended by operators and OEMs Improve information quality and aata Ensure that manufacturers provide data that meets airline operational needs History [ edit ] ATA Spec was originally published in This site uses cookies to provide enhanced functionality and a better browsing experience.

Whereas previously this information was contained in two separate specifications, ATA and SpeciSpec was introduced to consolidate these into a single specification. It incorporates the previous and specs which won’t be maintained beyond their final revisions.

The objective of iSpec is to minimize cost and effort expended by operators and manufacturers, improve information quality and timeliness, and facilitate manufacturers’ delivery of data that meets airline operational needs.

Publish to Industry- Standards. Mekon Aerospace and Defence consultants have long experience of the specification, some having experience in writing to the standard themselves. Mondello file conversion allows the reuse of drawings contained within these files and creates access to support for current kspec standards. Current iSpec comprises a suite of data specifications and data modules for the digital representation and exchange of technical data. What is ATA iSpec ?

It consists of a suite 2020 data specifications pertaining to maintenance ixpec and procedures and aircraft configuration control. Toggle navigation Mekon Aerospace and Defence.