Carmina Priapea IntraText: testo integrale, concordanze e liste di frequenza – The IntraText Carmina Priapea: full text, concordances and frequency lists. [9] Within the large Priapea collection Carmina Priapea, the poems are ordered so as to lead to Priapus experiencing sexual problems and. Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Poetics Of The ‘carmina Priapea’ | This dissertation is on the Carmina Priapea (CP). The CP is a collection of 80 Latin.

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But do ye be wary of making any more offerings on this spot lest a pack of starving hounds hasten towards me; and lest, in worshipping me and my power, ye have your custodians irrumated. Priapus’s pripea, who has suffered reverses, is making an offering to the god, and wishes Priapus to keep up the deception apropos his wealth by concealing from enquirers that the offering of fruit carimna not from the orchard of the giver, but purchased in the public market.

Others presented to the god as many phalli, made of willow-wood, as the men whom. The story is very prettily told by Aristaenetus.

The local guide to San Diego is now available! Vale nefande destitutor inguinum, vale Priape: The last ten poems consist of a coda of 4 poems in elegiac couplets, 3 in hendecasyllables, 2 in scazons, and 1 poem in elegiac couplets. He who piapea plunder with dishonest hand the little field committed to my charge, shall feel me to be no eunuch[1] in this lonely place among the bushes.

A popular theme of the poets. In was published Priapeia sive diversorum poetarum in Priapum lusus aliaquae incertorum poemata emendata et explicata. Had not Helen eloped with Paris, Homer would not have written the Iliad. Public Lecture on January 3.

Thou shalt be pedicate lad!

Putting aside conventionalities, the translators have endeavoured to produce a faithful reflection of the original Latin, shirking no passages, but rendering all the formidably plain-spoken expressions in a translation as close as the idioms of the two languages allow. He was peiapea more especially at Lampsacus priaepa the Hellespont, whence he is sometimes called Hellespondiacus.


In this line poem, Priapus gives advice to the poet on how to seduce boys. Cum fici tibi suavitas subibit et iam porrigere huc manum libebit, ad me respice, fur, et aestimato, quot pondo est tibi mentulam cacandum.

Doubtless it seems to you a droll thing–the ‘column’ standing upright from my groin. Nausicaa was the daughter of Alcinous, king of Phaeacia, whose pleasure demensnes and luxuriousness became a proverb. They still come on and not a doit they heed! He has made the most of his trouvaille providing the booklet with a history and a bibliography and illustrating, in copious notes and excursus, the Priapic cult and the manners and customs of the Roman days so quaintly depicted in these old monkish?

The Emperor Theodosius caused Paulinus to be murdered for receiving an apple from his empress. Towards the end of the book the problems multiply.

Priapeum non est: A Reconsideration of Poem 61 in the Carmina Priapea

Therefore, were the thieves to steal Priapus’s phallus, which was often used as a cudgel against garden robbers, he would become a Gallus. Giraldus tells us that the Lesbian women used dildoes made carmona glass, ivory, gold and silken stuffs and linen to satisfy their lechery. The word fossis ditch being plural in the original, Scaliger suggests that Labdace had been overworking both in anus and coynte.

The name of Sir Richard F. And the whole of this,[1] large though it be, and stiffer than twisted cord, than the string of the lyre, I will surely bury in thee to thy seventh rib. But thou, pleased with the fruit in effigy placed on thine altar, Genuine ‘fruit’ vouchsafe he, O Priapus!

Some imitated the dress and fantastic postures of Silenus, of Pan and of the Satyrs; they covered their legs with goatskins, and carried the horns of animals; they rode on asses, and dragged after them ppriapea intended for sacrifice.

Carmina Priapea – Brill Reference

The fig was a still more common symbol, the statue of Priapus being made of that tree, and the fruit being carried with the Phallus in the ancient processions to the honour of Bacchus. Buchheit found sufficient echoes of Martial to argue that the poems must date from after Martial’s time.

Wherefore, he who is wise will beware of ill-doing, when he knows that here is so much of the mentule. Whilst there is life, ’tis fitting to hope; do thou, O rustic guardian, be present here; and, O stiff-nerved Priapus, be propitious.


The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter and the Satires of Juvenal and Horace all speak of the Roman brothels, which were constructed in the form of a gallery along which were ranged, on each side like a nunnery, a number of contiguous cells or chambers.

My mentule stands not erect from my groin. The edition of contains the commentary of G. This staff of office, which, severed from the tree, can now shoot forth no verdure; sceptre, which pathic maidens crave, and some kings love to hold; to which patrician[1] paederasts give kisses; shall go right into the very bowels of the thief, as far as the hair and the bag of balls.

Martial and Juvenal have many references to eunuchism and the use to which the Roman ladies put these castratos, who were of various kinds: Quicumque nostram fur fefellerit curam, effeminato verminet procul culo; quaeque hic proterva carpserit manu poma puella, nullum reperiat fututorem.

Who of you people here shall come to sup Yet bring no verses suited to my taste; I pray his wife or punk, hot-wantoning, Reduce his rival to most languid state; While he, all lonely through the livelong night, Lie, by the lustful rockets sore disturbed. The ancients thought that those defiled by carnal coition generally were precluded from worship of the gods until they had been purified by bathing.

Thou does not cack ten times in the whole of the year, and then it is harder than a bean or than pebbles, so that if thou rubbest and carminna it in thy hands thou canst never dirty a finger. Others, including Martial and Petroniuswere thought to have added more verses in imitation of the originals.

Whatever thief who deceives my faith[1] may he wither away, far from the buttocks of a catamite. At o sceleste penis, o meum malum, gravi piaque lege noxiam lues.