I think there is no conceptual difficulty at here. For his definition of connected sum we have: Two manifolds M 1, M 2 with the same dimension in. Differential Manifolds – 1st Edition – ISBN: , View on ScienceDirect 1st Edition. Write a review. Authors: Antoni Kosinski. differentiable manifolds are smooth and analytic manifolds. For smooth .. [11] A. A. Kosinski, Differential Manifolds, Academic Press, Inc.

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Chapter I Differentiable Structures. Post as a guest Name.

I think there is no conceptual difficulty at here. Academic PressDec 3, – Mathematics – pages.

AMS :: Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

Chapter IX Mamifolds Manifolds. The mistake in the proof seems to come at the bottom of page 91 when he claims: The book introduces both the h-cobordism Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Differential Forms with Applications to the Physical Sciences. Do you maybe have an erratum of the book? The presentation of a number of topics in a clear and simple fashion make this book an outstanding choice for a graduate course in differential topology as well rifferential for individual study.

Differential Manifolds

Differential Manifolds is a modern graduate-level introduction to the important field of differential topology. Presents the study and classification of smooth structures on manifolds It begins with the elements of theory and concludes with an introduction to the method of surgery Chapters contain a detailed presentation of the foundations of differential topology–no knowledge of algebraic topology is required for this self-contained section Chapters begin by explaining the joining of manifolds along submanifolds, and ends with the proof of the h-cobordism theory Chapter 9 presents the Pontriagrin construction, the principle link between differential topology and homotopy theory; The final chapter introduces the method of surgery and applies it to the classification of smooth structures on spheres.


Later on page 95 he claims in Theorem 2. In his section on connect sums, Kosinski does not seem to acknowledge that, in the case where the manifolds in question do not admit orientation reversing diffeomorphisms, the topology in fact homotopy type of a connect sum of two smooth manifolds may depend on the particular identification of spheres used to connect the manifolds.

This has nothing to do with orientations. Selected pages Page 3. Maybe I’m misreading or misunderstanding. As the textbook says on the bottom of pg 91 at least in my editionthe existence of your g comes from Theorem 3. The final chapter introduces the method of surgery and applies it to the classification of smooth structures of spheres. Contents Chapter I Differentiable Structures. The Concept of a Riemann Surface.

References to this book Differential Geometry: An orientation reversing differeomorphism of the real line which we use to induce an orientation reversing differeomorphism of the Euclidean space minus a point. Subsequent chapters explain the technique of joining manifolds along submanifolds, the handle presentation theorem, and the proof of the h-cobordism theorem based on these kosinskl.


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Differential Manifolds – Antoni A. Kosinski – Google Books

Differential Manifolds Antoni A. There follows a chapter on the Pontriagin Construction—the principal link between differential topology and homotopy theory.

Chapter VI Operations on Manifolds. So if you feel really confused you should consult other sources or even the original paper in some of the topics.

Bombyx mori 13k 6 28 Sign up using Facebook. This seems like such an egregious error in such an otherwise solid book that I felt I should ask if anyone has noticed to be sure I’m not misunderstanding something basic. Kosinski Limited preview – Account Options Sign in. Product Description Product Details The concepts of differential topology form the center of many mathematical disciplines such as differential geometry and Lie group theory. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.