books — voters. The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Jaya by Devdutt Pattanaik Ajaya by Anand Neelakantan Karna’s Alter Ego by. Buy Odia Novel Yajnaseni by Pratibha ha Ray’s Yajnaseni in Odia of best seller Popular Odia Novel eni book. 19 Oct Draupadi, probably is another woman character after Eve who don’t have a childhood to remember or celebrate. The novel begins from the end.

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Despite servants being available, I keep watch on household chores. Just a single day unfortunately so far.

After thirty six years of ruling the kingdom, the five brothers and their wife travel through the Himalayas, renouncing their world pleasures to reach the heaven. Had there been an option of 0 stars, well, I would have even chosen that.

After years of drifting aimlessly after the war with the Nietzscheans, she has finally found a home with the Marauders—a mercenary outfit comprised of Genevian veterans. View all 7 comments. No one can even entertain the idea of adharma towards anyone. Here Jayadrath sexually assaults Draupadi. Elders must not be spoken ill of…Arjun is advising Bhim while petty persons are insulting and outraging his wife.

Then, why only questions a woman when she marries more than one? Usually delivered in kn And Ray has been convinced. This is a new edition in modern English for easy reading. Or is it the example of an “unlucky” woman?

I do not burden them with my own worried ni anxieties. The way she accepts how she was born to destroy the Puru clan, the way she accepts th When I saw a book on Draupadi, I was expecting to read a feminist view of Draupadi.


Whoever it is, that person is a nerd. Wonderfully written by Pratibha Ray, woman herself, but highly disappointing translation. Also, while the diologue may have been a bit stilted or odd at times, the descriptions of war, death, sorrow as well as of natural beauty, urban beauty, courage, and strength were quite lovely. But while in Palace it was Karna who had filled Draupadi’s thoughts been a while since I read noevl, but it made strong impressionhere it is more dynamic and vibrant, her relationship with her husbands, Krishna, other women all coming out with greater clarity.

But given the circumstances he was born and then discarded by Kunti for the fear of society, and every moment he was down casted for being a son of charioteer, that should be a common attitude of a man.

I wrote down whatever came to mind in the form of poetry.

But although the beginning of the book intrigued me, the chauvanist angle given by Pratibha Ray started putting me off. If you’ve never read the original story you will probably find this confusing. More about inn speech for another day for her it is too disturbing “Carelessy Phalguni said, “Dicing is for pleasure, entertainment. Aug 31, Nick rated it liked it Shelves: She is the queen, she is the slave.

Yajnaseni – Wikipedia

He was a follower of religion and of an opinion that women must always be happy and keep a smiling face to please their husbands.

This subscription can be terminated at any time in the section “Subscription”. View all 4 comments.

By living on this earth for some days if you are able to add to the novdl and prosperity of everyone, why should I be sorry for that?


Life is sacrifice from the minute you step into this world and God is your One of the first and the finest books ever written from the perspective of Draupadi. Which is what the current movel class western infused Brahmin that calls himself liberal believes is moral.

I feel the translation is quite good.

First I felt full of reproach against my husbands, and then against God. But both books are equally engrossing and worth every bit of time spent in reading them.

Shows the spiritual love between a man n woman. That is also why you end up feeling really hovel at the end of the book. Cooper 0 1 0 Rika is a Marauder. The lady at the centre of the most devastating war in history, a mother who lost all her 5 sons to the war? We’ll contact you shortly.

Yajnaseni: The Story of Draupadi

Her father did it. She tries many a time to break free of these chains of oppression but fails in every way. Strangely enough, scholars and priests were incapable of seeing this. And everyone stared at her. Strange as it may appear, Draupadi, the most accomplished heroine of the Mahabharata, happens to be the most suffering, sacrificing, and yet the most misunderstood character from the epic. He could have foreseen the stripping scene before and could have prevented that but he waited and waited for it to happen and only after she cried out ‘LOUD’ he heard her call.