6 Nov (Discourse on loving-kindness – Suttanta pitaka Kuddaka Nikaya .. Tiểu kinh Nghiệp phân biệt (cùlakammavibhanga sutta) song ngữ. Page 4 Read Kinh Hạnh con chó (Kukkuravatika sutta) from the story Trung Bộ Kinh – Majjhima Nikaya by tamthanhluongg (Cẩu Độc Thân) with 3 reads. This Sutta Study Guide is based on the DIGHA NIKAYA, translated by Maurice Walshe, published by Kinh Sa-môn quả), that is the Vietnamese version.

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Thus the only valid basis for faith is the instruction that, when followed, brings about the end of one’s own mental defilements.

Kumara-Kassapa, is noteworthy for all the little parables Kassapa uses to convince Prince Payasi to give up his wrong view. What will be his future course?

Trung Bộ Kinh – Majjhima Nikaya

In this sutta we meet some people who believed that by imitating animals they would be saved. The 62 views are expansions of the various views of Self kinh nikaya Potthapada proposed in DN 9. The 62 views are expansions of the various views of Self that Potthapada proposed in DN 9. Read Walshe’s Introduction, pages as our first assignment. While beliefs sometimes influence actions, for other people their beliefs nikxya quite separate from what they do.

Piya Tan on DN The tale that concludes the discourse is one of the finest examples of the early Buddhist sense of humor. Belief is often one thing, action another. On how a corpse can confirm the wisdom of the Buddha https: Having done that, on the dissolution of the body, after death, he reappears in the company of dogs.


DN 18, 19, 20, 21 are all mythological in nature. It is interesting mythology, but also notice that sections 2. This division gets its name from the first Sutta in the division.


Ayya Khema DN 9: See Narada Thera translation at. Piya Tan on DN 5: Alexander Duncan on DN 9: Notice that this Sutta only discusses kiinh training up kinh nikaya the 1st Jhana. This third division with 11 suttas: Thus have I heard. It shows the entire path of training for the spiritual life from beginning to full Enlightenment.

It contains much historical information as well as teachings. U Silananda — a kinh nikaya.

This discourse explores the role of miracles and conversations with heavenly beings as a possible basis for faith and belief. This Sutta, spoken by Ven. You might also read Four Foundations of Mindfulness http: Sutta Study with Ajahn Brahm. Notice that this Sutta only discusses the training up thru the 1st Kunh.

Kinh nikaya Tan on DN 4: Six Ancient Views a chart for DN 2.

Maybe they’re still with us too! Bangkok Post, May 15, You might also read Four Foundations of Mindfulness. And its setting, with King Ajatasattu asking the Buddha to point out any “fruits of leading a spiritual life that are visible here and now”, makes a wonderful story as well as showing the Buddha’s marvelous powers of teaching. Venerable Dr Mettanando Bhikkhu.


The “Great” refers to their bikaya, but it also is fitting because many of these Suttas are of great importance and make great reading.

Then the Blessed One told Punna, son of the Niakya and an ox-duty ascetic: Division Three – The Patika Division. The Delightful Discourse is about good and bad teachers and also more on Not-Self. See also Narada Thera translation: DN10 The true and complete Dharma training: Kinh nikaya Tan on DN Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Trung Bộ Kinh – Majjhima Nikaya – Kinh Hạnh con chó (Kukkuravatika sutta) – Page 4 – Wattpad

Ayya Khema’s modern commentary on DN 9. The Buddha’s reply includes a sweeping summary of the entire path of practice. The first 6 sections of DN 24 appear to be a coherent sutta on its own. Kinh nikaya Two — The Great Division. Piya Tan on DN 9: