A list of 50 phrasal verbs for you to learn for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) exam. 75 must-have phrasal verbs for FCE (CEFR level B2). Phrasal verb. AGREE WITH (sb) BE ABOUT TO (sth) BE BACK BE OUT OF (sth) BE OVER BE UP BLOW (sth) UP BLOW (sth) UP BREAK DOWN ​BREAK (sth).

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You’d better throw it out. She just got in her car and drove away. What’s wrong with Bob? It burned down before the fire fighters arrived.

Their lawyers will draw all the official documents up sometime this month. I can’t wait for it to begin! He seems to look down on anyone who doesn’t like the same things that he does. I bought you these flowers.

Do the same with group B. Do you feel up to talking about it?

75 Must-Have Phrasal Verbs for the FCE

If you see that a phrasal verb has phrazal meanings when looking in a dictionary, only learn the first two meanings you see given in the dictionary for it the Macmillan Dictionary is particularly good for this. I’ll be happy to put you up. People who put on weight get fatter. There is a YouTube video for each of the 50 phrasal verbs listed below that will help you phrasla and remember its main meaning.


75 Must-Have Phrasal Verbs for the FCE – Memrise

There was an accident on the freeway and traffic held me up. You know that you have to hand it in at 8: I’m sure she made it up. For all of them, I would recommend that you learn their meaning through an online dictionary the Macmillan Dictionary and the Cambridge Dictionary are two good ones and then create a sentence in your own words using them.

Could you pick some more up on your way home this evening? Could you look it over? We have to get up at 6 tomorrow morning. May I try it on? Soar High and Achieve Excellence. So, although learning these will help you do exam, you are going to have to learn other less frequently used phrasal verbs as well.

I see them together all the time. I didn’t find out find out about it myself until just a few minutes ago.


I know I won’t hear the alarm. Yesterday he let me try it on.

Phrasal Verbs Examen First Certificate

Some of the below phrasal verbs have more than one meaning. Newer Post Older Post Home. When we broke the total cost down, we spent more on cleaning supplies than verbw. Danny a good idea for saving water. The manager should throw them out. It will go well with your dark brown suit. This phrasal verb is often negative: May I try it out? Your work really stands out!

She won’t stand for shoddy work. He’s really silly and childish. If I don’t do it soon, it’ll be impossible to finish it in time. Will you blow them up?