The PMW is equipped with three newly developed 2/3-inch type Exmor™ CMOS Sensors, each with an effective pixel count of (H) x (V). PMWK (Used)PMWK with CBK-VF01 & Fujionon XA16x8 HD Lens. Fri, 19 Oct GMT dvuser sony pmw. k review pdf – Sony. PMW- K Review New camcorders are coming out all the time, but they are usually.

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Find what event is right for you. Orders placed and security cleared before XLR 5-pin x1 Output Speaker: Monaural x1 Output i. If needed, you can even record uncompressed 4: M82 mm, pitch 0. I personally owned and used a PDW for around 3 years. Operators can select the best-suited preset gamma curve, depending on scenes. There are the usual Assign buttons that can be custom assigned 350j the menus. It can shoot up to 35k0 in x mode, or up to 60fps in x mode. We understand the importance of education and we offer preferential pricing to all bona-fide educational establishments wherever possible, whether that be a one-off equipment order or a specialist design and installation of bespoke multimedia facilities, we have you covered.

Great camera, great quality, the only thing that might instill you a doubt is the fact this machine record on SxS card on 4: XLR-type pw Component output: Selectable from 1 fps to 30 fps as recording frame rate White balance: The viewfinder is the same as that 35k on the Sony EX1; a 3.

When the Picture Cache function is turned on and set to a pre-selected time of between 1 and 15 seconds, it allows you to have the camcorder in standby, then when you press record, the preceding 15 seconds if 15 seconds is 350m you set is put at the head of the clip. Expanded Focus At the touch of a button, the center of the screen on the viewfinder can be magnified to about twice normal size, making it easier to confirm focus settings during manual focusing.

The PMWK provides a uniquely flexible control system designed to appeal 350m both broadcasters and videographers. Using this function, images for predetermined frames are recorded every time the Record button is pressed. Also, the large color viewfinder is quite nice, but cramps working space between VF and lens, and ability to reach zoom rocker. This means that AF reference focus positions can be shifted to manually changed positions.

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Found an extension bracket for VF is available and works great. In addition, the large sensors p,w capture images with a shallower depth of field, giving users more freedom of creative expression. The primary difference is that the SBP range should last you a lifetime with an almost infinite amount of re-writes.

This is useful when a waveform monitor is not available for shooting. This superb low power consumption is due to lack of motors spinning discs, or driving tape.

This makes it possible to greatly reduce power consumption of the camcorder and extend battery life. For everyday 3350k work it will be fine, but I tried filming gliders taking off and landing at the Cambridge 35k0 Club and it did hunt around a little too much for my liking with evident lag; however, I never use auto focus anyway so it would not bother me too much, I simply tried it out for review purposes for those who will be using it.


These deliver superior picture performance with full-HD resolution. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sony PMW-350K Review

Camera Metadata HD Format Only The camera setting data such as iris, focus, zoom, macro, capture fps, shutter, gain, white balance, and gamma are recorded as acquisition metadata for future utilities. This allows the shutter speed to be extended to p,w maximum of 64 frames. It is a serious piece of kit for serious video production work and the image quality it produces is simply stunning at this price point. Users can select the four values cyclically, or choose one preset value.

CA removes all those horrible blue and purple coloured edges that we often get in high contrast areas with non CA correction lenses.

When shooting on solid-state such as SxS, during the shoot, simply delete bad takes as you go along. Trade In Your Gear for Cash. Shutter Angle Settings In addition to the electronic shutter speed controls, the PMWK also has a “shutter angle” control–which is familiar to film users. Camera offer plenty of customization and you can set your own scene file and share them with other camera operators, or get these one from others, which help a lot.


In comparison, the PMW is slicker, quicker and just easier to use all round. Corporate video producers will be able to turn jobs around a lot quicker because of this beautifully fast workflow. Instant-access Thumbnail Search with “Expand” Function Each time a recording is started and stopped on the PMWK camcorder, the video and audio signals pme recorded as one clip. Unlike lens 30k, the Digital Extender function performs this doubling without any loss of image sensitivity, often referred to as the F-drop phenomenon.

D-Sub pin Monitoring Viewfinder: We are immensely proud of our manufacturer-approved broadcast service and repair centre which is the only Sony ASC achieving repair status under every product category.

BNC x1 Input Audio: For me, this is my dream camcorder, it is the camcorder I lust after right now, it ticks almost every box for me. Autofocus is also handy at times.

Sony PMWK XDCAM EX HD Camcorder w/16x Zoom Lens PMWK B&H

During playback, users can cue-up to the next or previous clip simply by pressing the ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ button, as you would do on a CD or DVD player. With pkw SLS feature you can shoot in very low light conditions with zero noise, but there must be minimal movement in the shot, or it can be used to create some rather artsy and ghostly visual effects; I love it.

There are two options for the Sony PMW The viewfinders colour peaking function makes it even easier to see what is in focus and what is not.