Collision with the Infinite In the Spring of , Suzanne Segal, pregnant and 27, was living in Paris and waiting for a bus to take her home from a birthing. Collision with the Infinite has 97 ratings and 16 reviews. Suzanne Segal is no longer alive, but her book is and it is incredible the way she is able to describe. 3 Sep Suzanne Segal Interview which originally appeared in The Awakening She told her story in her book, Collision With The Infinite, and we are.

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Suzanne Segal – Wikipedia

The joy is when this is expressed and received in the foreground of the Vastness. There was no personal self, but nothing stopped; the functions continued to function just as before. Really a powerful and amazing description of one’s undoing. I think ifinite a state of enlightenment does not exist.

When I say, everything is there, too, I mean everything is there, too. This sent her on a quest for answers, and it took years for her to suzanne segal collision with the infinite them. About Suzanne experienced another shift in consciousness in which there was a sense of unity between herself and the world.

There is never anything that looks like weighing pros and cons, or figuring out the best way to go because this all comes out of that which tries to imagine or construct how things should be.

The oddest moments occurred when any reference was made to my name.

Collision with the Infinite: A Life Beyond the Personal Self

Mar 08, Stacy rated it it was amazing. The Vastness does carry a very strong, non-personal desire to know Itself. Return to Book Page. As I walked suzannee three blocks home, I attempted to pull myself back into one piece by focusing on my body and willing myself back into it where I thought I belonged in suzanne segal collision with the infinite to regain the previously normal sensation of seeing through the body’s eyes, speaking through the body’s mouth, and hearing through the body’s ears.


Suzanne Segal Interview –

The experience of personal identity switched off and was never to appear again. Fair Winds Press MA.

I guess you could call it a waking up, but what seems most important to convey is that this is who everyone is all the time whether the direct awareness of it is there or not. I read this clolision years ago and it came up in a class I was teaching last month.

The result is spiritual life unvarnished by the everpresent practice baggage and thought projection. One might imagine that a great weight would have lifted when the witness disappeared, but the opposite was true. Ends like yhe European suzanne segal collision with the infinite the door open for questioning.

If everything waited for the mind, do you think that we would have all these trees and sky and planets and stars and human bodies? Simultaneity is very much the experience of the Vastness perceiving Itself, by the way, because that is what is always occurring.

Nov 18, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing. Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the year so far in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, children’s books, and much more. I am having a reaction to what you are saying. There is only one answer that I can give you. I found suzanne segal collision with the infinite book to be exquisitely written. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for others who are experiencing the desire for this recognition?

Towards the end of the ten years, there was a clear awareness that this was not something that was going to go away. Get to Know Us. There was no Suzanne Segal anymore; perhaps there never had been. She wants people to see “things to be what they are” instead of pathologizing “a broad range of human experience”. Mar 12, Paul Colver added it Shelves: She suzanne segal collision with the infinite like a blazing comet that shone so brightly for this short period of time, then was gone.


No attempt to prove a point–just a very honest sharing of her journey, leaving the reader to make conclusions or not. An easy, entertaining and inspiring read for all ages! Suzanne consulted with various psychologists and psychiatrists over the years. She then moved to Paris, where she had a daughter, and where her marked depersonalization experience began.

I appreciate and admire her way through suffering to acceptance and joy but her account of it leaves me unconvinced, though I couldn’t tell, of what exactly. Curiously, as she neared death, the author renounced her collision with the infinite, suzanne segal collision with the infinite said instead that it was a psychological response to the abuse suzanne segal collision with the infinite experienced as a child.

Some karma, considering that the anxiety could have been dealt with very easily. Yes, how does one shift from seeing through the personal eyes to seeing through the eyes of the Vastness? However there are altered states of consciousness that make people think that they are enlightened. Eventually, “a threshold was crossed and the identity, as that name, broke like a ship released suddenly from its mooring to float untethered on the ocean waves The Experience of No-Self: That is the main fear.