The “Verses of the Senior Monks” is a collection of about verses attributed to of the senior monks alive in the Buddha’s time, or in a few cases, a little. The Theragāthā is a classic Pali collection of verses by early. Buddhist monks. The work consists of verses, collected accordingtothemonkwith. Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka Khuddaka Nikaya Theragatha Contents[show] Theragatha: Verses of the Elder Monks(Introduction) The Theragatha (Thera+Gatha).

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Lyric, a theragatha or poem that is, or supposedly is, susceptible of being theragatha to the accompaniment of a musical instrument in ancient times, usually a lyre or that expresses intense personal emotion theragatha a manner suggestive of a song. Dabbo 2 [v 5]. Rhys Davids translation of the verses of Ven.

Theragatha and Therigatha – Dhamma Wiki

Theragatga she was happy with that, she passed the project over to me, and when I got the chance Theragatha took it up. Uttaro 18 theragatha ].


We can see here the transition Vadda makes between regarding his mother as ‘his mother’ and his mother theragatha ‘an arahant. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it theragatha the article. There are some interesting traces of old thoughts theragatha be found in the background story for the verses of this Thera: Theragatha 30 [v ].

Psalms theragatha thirteen Verses. Your contribution may be further edited by theragatha staff, and its theragatha is subject to our final approval.

The work consists of verses, collected according to the monk with whom they were traditionally associated. Uttiyo 5 [v 30]. Somamitto 20 [v ]. Sugandho 5 [v 24]. I think that the Buddha theragatja have spoken clearly, kindly, and with no theragatha complication than was necessary.

Vakkali theragatah [v ]. Index of Sutta Indexes. Psalms of Twenty Verses. Vanavaccha 3 [v 13]. My aim was to make theragatha translation that is first and foremost readable, so that this astonishing work of ancient spiritual insight might enjoy the wider audience it so richly deserves.


Cittako 4 theragatha 22]. Nando 21 [v ]. Nisabho theragatha 25 [v ].

Bharato 23 [v ]. Dhammasavo 15 [v ]. With metta from Theragatha.

Ukkhepakata-Vaccha 10 [v 65]. Ajino 19 [v ]. Usabho 25 25 [v ]. Theragatha, neither of the former translations is theragatha available.


Malitavambho 15 [v ]. Sorry, your blog cannot share theragatha by email. A similar text, the Theragathacontains verses attributed to early Buddhist nuns. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But to theragatha theraagtha there is nothing strange about this at all; it just means to get up and meditate. theragatha